Children’s tableware

Children's tabelware

Children’s tableware

How lovely, just got once again an order for some children’s tableware. This tableware has been designed when I had small children and that is now quite a while ago.

For at time it was very popular especially in Northern Ireland where I had my workshop for many years. The workshop was then called Pinewood Pottery.

Just got recently reminded that in 2000 I had an order from a mail-order firm in Japan. There name is Felissimo. They didn’t order children’s tableware but cereal bowls thrown in red clay covered in colorful slips and decorated with a slip trailer.We had to make 3000 of those.It was quite a challenge, one we enjoyed.

Slipware to this day is one of my favorites methods to make table ware. By the way the sourdough bowl is red clay decorated that way.


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