A selection of courses you can choose


 A range of pottery courses  you can choose from to deepen your understanding, to learn something new or just for the joy of it


You can book a minimum of 2hrs and a maximum of one week.

You can choose individual tuition or book as a group (max. 5 people). In the summer time and weather permitting the maximum number of participants can be 8.

You can choose activities for children. (Must be accompanied by adults)

Activities you can choose are:

  • Throwing
  • Sculpturing
  • Making pots in different techniques other then throwing
  • Paper clay making and its creative possibilities
  • Plaster mould making and the use of plaster moulds
  • Children and clay
  • Children workshops
  • Basic glaze science
  • Alternative kilns
  • Paperkiln
  • Clay and theater
  • All about slips ( Engobe)

Prices are from  640 Swedish Krona for a two hour session, between 1900 KR and 2800 KR for a thee day cours to 4000 KR for a weeks course.

Individual tuition is 320 KR an hour.

Materials are charged extra (however clay which can be recycled and reused is free). Coffee/Tea breaks included.

Overnight stay is a possibility.

Contact: Norbert Kus


mail: kuskrukmakeri@gmail.com

About Norbert

Keramiker med passion för alla de fanastika möjligheter leran ge. Utbildad i tyskland som bruksföremål krukmaker. Många år erfarenhet att jobba innom keramikverksamhet med vuxna som har en utvecklingsnedsättning och/eller en neuro-psykiatrik diagnos.
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