Workshop rental rates

To have a workshop is a great asset not only to me who works almost daily in my pottery, but also to others. Now the pottery workshop can be hired by you at those times I am not using it myself.

I do think there are quite a few who have been at one or the other course and would like nothing better then to continue. To buy all the equipment and materials can be a costly affair if one wants to work in clay only now and then.

When one hires my place one has all the tools and not only this but also a service of after care. As all those know, who work with clay, clay needs it’s time to try and sometimes there is also a request to add a handle to a thrown pot. Something which cannot be done the following week but more often the next day.

As mentioned at Kus Krukmakeri you can hire the workshop ( see: prsier till vertstadsanvädning ) . However you need to have some experience and work independently. The first time you might prefer to book an individual lesson to refresh your skill. Just this has recently been booked by a enthusiastic hobby potter and now the same person uses the workshop about once a week ( the three hour slot ).

The workshop  can be used by you at times when I don’t work myself there. That can be weekends or evenings or at times even weekdays. Ring 0739141331  or mail me at  to find out when the workshop is available.

This possibility is ideal for those who have already some prior knowledge from attending courses  but have no own workshop and love to work in ceramics without entering another course. In fact you can only book the workshop with some basic ceramic knowledge.

When  you book the workshop for the first time I will meet you to discuss with you the possibilities and show you around. The first time I would recommend you to book a private tuition.

The prices are as follows:

3 hours  cost                  250 KR

A whole day cost           500 KR

Private tuition               450 KR/Hour

1 kg clay           25 KR (white), 30 KR (red)

10 kg clay       170 KR (white), 220 KR (red)


If you like that your work will be fired then the following prices are charged. Please note that you pay either for the unfired use of the clay or for a fired piece of work. You do not pay twice. Sometimes you might  model a sculpture which cannot be fired.Or you make something which needs not to be fired. In which case you pay for the clay only. Sometimes you would like to have your piece only once fired e.g. bisque fired, then you pay the price for a bisque fired item. And sometimes you like to have your work glazed, in which case you pay for a glazed fired item.

Bisque fired per item or per kilo: 40 KR

Glaze fired per item or per kilo:   70 KR

Last not least: Perhaps you are very industrious and you produce a kiln full of work, in which case the costs are

250 KR for a bisque firing

320 KR for a glaze firing

Hope to see you and that you enjoy this possibility

About Norbert

Keramiker med passion för alla de fanastika möjligheter leran ge. Utbildad i tyskland som bruksföremål krukmaker. Många år erfarenhet att jobba innom keramikverksamhet med vuxna som har en utvecklingsnedsättning och/eller en neuro-psykiatrik diagnos.
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