Sourdough bowl in action

After an absence of various weeks and having not used the sourdough bowl for about 2 month we started the process like usual.And of course it worked.

Picture 1. The sourdough bowl
Picture 2. Showing the inside of a used bowl. Note: dried pieces of
sourdough culture sticking to the side and the bottom.
Picture 3. A little lukewarm water plus some rye flower and
the dry sourdough culture comes to live again
Picture 4. Once alive more flower and lukewarm water is added
and the dough is kneaded and put back into the bowl
to rise.
Picture 5. After several hours the dough has risen and is ready to
be put into baking forms and baked.
Picture 6. The finished loaves
Picture 7. The bowl is covered through all processes, is standing
in a draft shelterd spot in the kitchen. The temperature
in the kitchen is about 20 degree Celcius.

The bowl is available in two sizes: 5 litre and 10 litre.
Available at:
and at Kus Krukmakeri

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Keramiker med passion för alla de fanastika möjligheter leran ge. Utbildad i tyskland som bruksföremål krukmaker. Många år erfarenhet att jobba innom keramikverksamhet med vuxna som har en utvecklingsnedsättning och/eller en neuro-psykiatrik diagnos.
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