Kus Krukmakeri is the pottery of Norbert Kus.

In 2007 my wife and I moved to Sweden after 35 years in N.Ireland.

In 2008 we found a lovely house in an idyllic village called Torsås, about 40 km south of Kalmar. Later in the same year I established the pottery in a  garage. From there I worked for almost 5 years until we bought the house next door. This is now the pottery’s home. It is an old villa surounded by a big garden with mature trees. The house and it’s enviroment is just perfect. For now I have not only space for my own production but also enough room to hold courses ( in the workshop and in it’s grounds) and give work possibilities to people with special needs.

 Something I love to do. 

The workshops aim is namely to give training and work to those who love to work creatively and can only do so in the right environment. They might suffer from Autism, Apergers or any other diagnos which asks for a quiet working enviroment .

Next to my pottery training I am educated to work with people with special needs. In 2006 I completed a study at the Ulster University in N.Ireland and hold a Diploma in Health Sciences (Disability Studies).  In 1978 I completed a three year anthroprosophical study in Curative Education and Social Therapy at Camphill Community Glencraig N.Ireland. There I worked also for 20 years.

In N.Ireland I established in 1990 my own workshop under the name Pinewood Pottery. There I continued to work  until my wife and I moved to Sweden. Pinewood Pottery had the same vision as the present workshop.   Many people with special needs worked there and some of them received a three years training. At one time as many as 7 people worked in the workshop producing a wide range of handthrown products which sold as far away as to variuos European countries, N.America, Australia and even Japan.

My own training in pottery I received under the excellent tutorship of Master potter Elma Kieser in Germany ( 1969-71 ).

My experiences as a potter and enthusiast of ceramics has been very broad. I have worked with clay in schools ( Waldorf schools and special needs schools ), with adults in various courses and as therapist. I have worked with all age groups and all abilities.


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