Workshop rental rates

The workshop of Kus Krukmakeri can be used by you at times when I don’t work myself there. That can be weekends or evenings or at times even weekdays. Ring 0739141331  or mail me at  to find out when the workshop is available.

This possibility is ideal for those who have already some prior knowledge from attending courses  but have no own workshop and love to work in ceramics without entering another course. In fact you can only book the workshop with some basic ceramic knowledge.

When  you book the workshop for the first time I will meet you to discuss with you the possibilities and show you around. The first time I would recommend you to book a private tuition.

The prices are as follows:

3 hours  cost                  280 KR

A whole day cost           520 KR

Private tuition               500 KR/Hour

In addition you will have to pay for the clay:

1 kg clay           30 KR (white), 35 KR (red)

10 kg clay       190 KR (white), 250 KR (red)

If you like that your work will be fired then the following prices are charged. Please note that you pay either for the unfired use of the clay or for a fired piece of work. You do not pay twice. Sometimes you might  model a sculpture which cannot be fired.Or you make something which needs not to be fired. In which case you pay for the clay only. Sometimes you would like to have your piece only once fired e.g. bisque fired, then you pay the price for a bisque fired item. And sometimes you like to have your work glazed, in which case you pay for a glazed fired item.

Bisque fired per item or per kilo: 45 KR

Glaze fired per item or per kilo:   80 KR

Please note: If your piece of work is very small the cost per item can be lower.

Last not least: Perhaps you are very industrious and you produce a kiln full of work, in which case the costs are

280 KR for a bisque firing

360 KR for a glaze firing

Hope to see you and that you enjoy this possibility

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