A range of pottery courses  you can choose from to deepen your understanding, to learn something new or just for the joy of it

You can book a minimum of 2hrs and a maximum of one week.

You can choose individual tuition or book as a group. The size of the group depends on course chosen, time of year and location. Some courses I can do at other locations,like schools, community halls or other.

You can choose activities for children. (Must be accompanied by adults)

Activities you can choose are:

  • Throwing
  • Sculpturing
  • Clay, paper and fire
  • Plaster mould making and the use of plaster moulds including slip casting
  • Children workshops
  • Basic glaze science
  • All about slips ( Engobe)

Prices are from  900 Swedish Kroner for a two hour session, between 3000 KR and 4000 KR for a three day course to 8000KR for a week’s course.

Individual tuition is 450 KR an hour.

Materials are charged extra (however clay which can be recycled and reused is free). Coffee/Tea breaks included.


Contact: Norbert Kus

mob.0046(0)739141331      mail:


The fascinating art of throwing has always been mesmerizing. To have a go at it can be fun or awaken a wish to learn this art from making simple articles to works of perfection. At Kus Krukmakeri in Torsås you can just try it out. A two hour session will give you a very good insight and could very well set the foundation for a long lasting love for pottery. During these 2 hours I am of course available with my professional advice and hands-on help.

Any of your thrown work can be fired, glazed and 3 weeks later collected. Of course I can also send it to you.

Price: 900 kr incl. 1 kg clay and firing of your finished product(s).

PLEASE NOTE: There are price reductions if you book throwing  more than once.


Clay: a material which can be easily formed to almost anything. No other material is so easy to form, gives that many possibilities and needs no other tool than the hands.

Clay’s therapeutic qualities are immediately felt by anyone who touches this soft substance. Clay modelling gives a possibility to find peace and to relax. To simply have the clay in once  hands can be experienced as a freeing from everyday problems.

What can be more elemental than to take a piece of clay in ones hands and begin to form it to a sculpture. The very first articles discovered and made in clay are the so called Venus figures. They are small sculptures depicting a naked female which some believe were used in fertility rites.

The urge to model with clay has deep roots in all cultures and is today still one of the most satisfying artistic activities. Be it animals, heads, masks, the human form, fantasy creatures or abstract form; the scope is endless. Small or big sculptures, abstract or realistic, simple or detailed; each has its beauty.Try it and free the artist in you, your imagination and inspiration is the foundation for your work.

I will assist you, supply you with clay and give you advice regarding which sort of clay, finishing possibilities and firing to get the best result of your sculpture.

Your finished work can be collected between 3 and 8 weeks depending on the size of your work.

Price: 900 Kr for a two hour session. ( Clay and firing not included )

You  can also book sculpting as a course of various length, weekend or week. For more information on availability and price please contact me.


A four-day course


Clay, paper and fire. What unites them?

Clay and fire hardly needs any explanation. After all, without fire clay would never lead to durable and useful products. That paper however can add strength to clay and that with paper one can build a kiln shall be the focus of this workshop.Together we will model and built: animals, figures, dragons, pots, bowls, vases, necklaces……

And we will build a paper kiln.

In this kiln we will fire some of our work.When the kiln has cooled down comes the exciting moment. Have all our creations survived the firing?

Always a surprise!

Adults and children (not too young) are welcome.

Activities will be held in the workshop and in the grounds of Kus Krukmakeri.

Price: 4000 kr (includes all materials and tea/coffee breaks)

Booking information:  tel. 0046 (0)739141331       e-mail:

Address: Kus Krukmakeri, Karlskronavägen 40, Torsås, Kalmar län, Sweden

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